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Friday, September 13, 2013

Okay OKAY I need a new watch already!

SORRY Facebookers, but the story isn't all that great! YES it's the watch I was wearing when I was hit, you can tell by the scuffy marks. BUT you know, it still works even though it's a little hard to read and all, and I can't find another one like it, and I really love it, and how can I justify spending money on a new watch anyway? Sheesh! But then Liam's dog got a hold of it last night and tried to chew the band off, so Fine, guess I admit I need a new one. I think I want a heart monitor too. And a GPS, why not? I'll probably need it within the next year! So spending money on *just* a watch seems silly. Can you buy awesome watches used?

Bergh I was sick this week, some snotty nose but mostly just tired, so I didn't get  to train like I wanted. That didn't stop me from 4  hours of therapy, 2 hours of Pilates, or an hour of swimming, though! But Zzzzzzzz...... No real breakthroughs this week.

The ITU Worlds is going on  right now. My favorite twins just raced - I have 2 things to say. 1) They  started a family tradition which might be a trifle sad at first but I find hilarious, and also means that all Zaunbrechers who decide to race for Team USA should do it at least twice, and 2) holy cow they kick butt! They are in the top 1/3 of women racing triathlons - at least the top 5% of the fastest people in the world. The WORLD. Yep, I know them. If you want their autograph talk to me about it! ;)

I'm sleeeeeepy, ya'll have a great weekend!