Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spontaneous Thoughts On Instafame

The Stuff We Didn't Know:

Whoa! We knew this would be cool for US, but we had no idea the inspiration people would take from it. And, Awesome. Keep an eye on your goals! Life sucks, and it isn't fair, but if you stop trying you get nowhere.

The media is first-come-first-serve. The Today Show got us first, so even though a day later we were contacted by Ellen and The Insider and others, as soon as it aired they backed off. Should we have waited? Meh, I don't think it would have made a difference. At first I thought it would have, but I don't know if it would have been any better than it was!

Fame doesn't equal money! We received: free entry to R'n'R next year because they're Great, and ruts in our yard from the camera crew! Locally people have been Awesome, but this is not a surprise, we're a great community in Lafayette. But fame doesn't pay medical bills if you're hit by someone without insurance, or give you a possible change in life direction even if you wanted to be a vet ALL your life and now you may never be one at the capacity you were before because your hands are messed up.

The Stuff We Did Know:

Holy Cow, We're Amazing!! And so are you! :)

Lafayette Rocks. The community here is unbelievable. We love it here.

We keep fabulous people around us. This is always a great idea!

Our world is fantastic! People are beautiful, we all want about the same thing - love and caring and trust. I love all of you!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Busy Day Today...

Today Show airs this morning, but I'll be in bike court so I'll miss it! Then there's therapy and interviewing with the amazing Aileen Bennett...still need to sleep! LZ has a new blog post that I have an honorable mention in about the half marathon we did together last week! It was her boyfriend Charles Garabedian who gave me the free entry that was sponsored by Gatorade. Laura Zaunbrecher is Nic's sister, and we had a really great time with them last weekend!

I'm so incredibly overwhelmed and I'm forgetting to say many of the important things that I want to when they're interviewing us. That it was a lucky shot that I was upset that they even caught me crying, that being in such a severe accident changes your relationship that's hard to learn to deal with sometimes, how important it is that Acadiana has trails off the road for bikes so that this doesn't even happen and better education about the laws out much! Hopefully I'll get better at this!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brand New Blog

SO, this is a blog. Well, exciting! Nic and I have an interview with the Today Show in a bit, it will be airing tomorrow. I guess I should start with where I started, which is here.

Well, if you tell me what you want to hear about, I'll probably write about it. I am still wondering where my veterinary career is going to go after all this, so I can keep you updated on that. There's also training to race again with USA Paratriathlon, plus I'm doing some writing. Adios!