Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Friday Update - it's been almost a year ya'll!

This weekend is the Big Cajun, the Olympic-distance triathlon I was training for last year when I got hit. Between you and me, I was confident I was going to place. It's about a month earlier this year. I was soooo convinced that I'd be able to do it too, but dang I was hurt far worse than I had given myself credit for. Lookin' at next year! ;)

So I'm still deciding what to do with myself, and now that I'm SO much stronger I'm  getting bored in the middle of the day. I mean, there's always computer etc work to do but I picked the veterinary career because I like being physically active (among other things) and there's only so much one can work out daily! So I've decided I should get paid for what I like to do, which is heal right now, and I'm looking for sponsors ;) Well, I contacted one about being an ambassador that I really like and it gave me the idea, so it's kind of backwards, but, I'll let you know how it goes!
BUT ALSO, because I'm realistic, I'm applying for residency programs. That way I can stay a vet and become a specialist, maybe not in research like I was headed before, but we'll see. I'm not the typical candidate but it's the direction I want to try.

I have gotten to the point where I need to start cross training again to do all the cardio I want. I decided to get back into swimming, and swam 1000 yards yesterday, woohoo! It was slow but whatevs I've got big plans.
PS YES I used that same watch, but I'm researching to get  a new one! Sooo much out there!

A year ago today I was in the best shape I had ever been in in my life. This week I've finally been able to push myself as hard as I did then. The results of course are not anywhere near the same, but it feels so so good to be able to work this hard again! It makes everything better, to know that all I need to do is keep doing it and I'll be able to get better. We'll see where I am in a year. Hell, 5 years even. Where will you be? I have a good idea where I'll be.
A year and less than 2 weeks ago today I couldn't feed myself, or tie my shoes. This week I can finally put my hair back again. My left hand has been strong enough, and my right hand's flexors, but now my right hand's extensors are strong enough to open the hair band. It's the little things, and the breaking bad habits like tenodesis so that I allow the proper muscles to heal, that are big.

I promised gross/awesome scar pics, so hear you are. I didn't get all of them, there's a lot, but these should do!


I think there's like 3 on my forehead, starting at my hairline and cutting off half my eyebrow. Then my nose and lip. Nic said the guy suturing played U2 (my fave band) for me while he did it. Awesome.

Random foot scar

My favorite! I didn't even know I had this scar for the longest time.

Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm boring this week

I know it's rare ;) but I'm totally boring this week. I'm at somewhat of a plateau, but only with speed; my balance and strength are improving greatly. I feel like I'm at a point where I'm gathering strength for the next big awesome storm, and I'm totally fine with that. I feel good.

There was an interview with Neko Case on the World Cafe this week. It made me laugh because I though she was a lot like me in some ways; kind of tomboyish, likes being outside, and doesn't worship the typical type of pretty. BUT I realized that there's a very distinct difference, which is she can sing!! HA, I have no redeeming "girl" grace such as being a good musician. Whatcha see is whatcha got with me I guess, no hidden girliness there!
I'm cool with this. I know I'm awesome.
So are you. If you need to be reminded of that talk to me, I'll help you remember.

This was totally going to be a gross/awesome scar post, but the pics didn't come out last night because the lighting was bad, and today is's all overcloudy so a no-go again. Yeah I'm sure there's a way to take good pictures even with low light, but even if so I don't have awesome photographic skills either, no artistic redeeming grace here. So you'll have to wait.

I met some great people at our first BikeLafayette member's meeting this week, I'm stoked to see where we're going with all that.

That's all I got, take care!
Except for the following cool picture.
Cool because of the content, not that there is an amazing photographer involved.

Here you can see a raccoon print BUT ALSO wasp bites! Mud daubers scoop up mud from puddles such as this one, and leave these very unique prints.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Okay OKAY I need a new watch already!

SORRY Facebookers, but the story isn't all that great! YES it's the watch I was wearing when I was hit, you can tell by the scuffy marks. BUT you know, it still works even though it's a little hard to read and all, and I can't find another one like it, and I really love it, and how can I justify spending money on a new watch anyway? Sheesh! But then Liam's dog got a hold of it last night and tried to chew the band off, so Fine, guess I admit I need a new one. I think I want a heart monitor too. And a GPS, why not? I'll probably need it within the next year! So spending money on *just* a watch seems silly. Can you buy awesome watches used?

Bergh I was sick this week, some snotty nose but mostly just tired, so I didn't get  to train like I wanted. That didn't stop me from 4  hours of therapy, 2 hours of Pilates, or an hour of swimming, though! But Zzzzzzzz...... No real breakthroughs this week.

The ITU Worlds is going on  right now. My favorite twins just raced - I have 2 things to say. 1) They  started a family tradition which might be a trifle sad at first but I find hilarious, and also means that all Zaunbrechers who decide to race for Team USA should do it at least twice, and 2) holy cow they kick butt! They are in the top 1/3 of women racing triathlons - at least the top 5% of the fastest people in the world. The WORLD. Yep, I know them. If you want their autograph talk to me about it! ;)

I'm sleeeeeepy, ya'll have a great weekend!

Friday, September 6, 2013

The name of the game is to NOT overtrain (I've been losing a lot)

 I got down to less than 32 min/mi this week. I started to FEEL how sore my hamstrings, calves, and quads are, which is great because I don't just get hypertonic I know where it's coming from, but OWWWW!! And, I must have been overtraining a lot. It's hard not to, I have a training plan but lately I've been getting too excited to follow it! Sooooo....I started a few more things this week. Sigh. What am I going to do with myself.

Therapy is still my mainstay.
I must give a shout out to Lydia, and a huge one to Jerrod, without them none of this may have happened.
PILATES is one of them, with the amazing Alyce Morgan Wise at the Camelia House; I mentioned last week she heard my story and we have mutual friends, and offered her services. She combines Pilates with the Franklin Method. I'm so so stoked about this! I went twice so far, and am scheduled a couple of times a week coming up. It's Exactly perfect for me! Core stability and balance, I'm already seeing a difference. Another lady there offered "rolfing" so I'll let you know how that goes!

This guy Joe taught himself to walk, and invented Pilates doing it

ACUPUNCTURE is the second with Ms. Emily Calvert. She also practices in Boulder, and was the first Five Element acupuncturist in Lafayette (the others now were her clients). It's a whole different way of thinking for me, and the first session was 2 hours of talking and testing, no needling. I'm excited to see how it works!

I won't even pretend to understand this

SWIM COACH! The third is a very nice man who is a USAT swimming coach, and teaches the Total Immersion method. We talked extensively about my injury and proprioception etc deficits, and he's going to coach me!! We're going to meet with my therapist next week. To top things off he called Terry Laughlin of Total Immersion  while I was there and we discussed what to do, sooo super stoked. He's not even batting an eye at me being able to compete in triathlon again. I could go on and on and on about how much I truly look forward to this!

Met a lot of great people this week. I love Lafayette, I love the community. If I really and truly get through all this it will be because of my community; the people that have surrounded me. Always surround yourself with good people.

My favorite twin triathletes are racing in London next Friday at the Sprint World Championships. I wrote an article for USAT etc about them, coming out Tuesday as a follow-up to the story I wrote about them last year. That story I wrote before I was hit, and it came out when I was in the hospital. It gave me something more to focus on when it came out! I could say a lot about this right now but I will save it for next week because I promised myself I would keep it short ;) Have a great one!